Kids Creations Pot O Gold Redwood Swing Set

    Wouldn't it be great if your kids were so tired at the end of the day that they just dropped off to sleep? The Kids Creations Pot O Gold Redwood Swing Set can help with that. This play set is filled with fun activities to entertain them and their friends for hours. It is loaded with swings, has lots of climbing areas, comes with a wavy slide, has a shaded fort, and even has monkey bars. Best of all, this swing set is crafted of 100% American Redwood that naturally resists decay and is virtually splinter-free. This swing set has a solid frame with extra space in the three-position swing bay for safe swinging and includes a commercial-grade vinyl canopy top in cheery big-top stripes to keep kids shaded. Plastisol-coated chains are pinch-free, resist rust, and stay cool to the touch. Your kids will spend countless hours outside being entertained, which means they'll sleep like angels at night. It's a win, win situation. Learn More
Minimal Price: $3,099.98