Motherhood is the best gift of nature. It gives the family members immense pleasure when they hear the news about the new arrival in the family. The family members are so happy that they soon arrange a party to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at the party. As the mother is “showered” with gifts, so the celebration is named after that as “Baby Shower”. Baby Shower is a social gathering and is generally a “women only” event. People from different cultures celebrate this event in different way, and it is called by various names. In India it is generally celebrated in the seventh month of pregnancy. After this the woman goes to stay in the house of her father till the birth of the child. It is just a customary to stay away from her husband’s house and does not have any rigid explanation to this. In the United Kingdom some baby showers are directed towards the would-be-father. It is generally thrown by the friends of the father-to-be, as a way of helping to prepare for the coming child.

Baby shower means celebration and fun. Guests are invited to the party to shower the would-be-parents with their blessings and as a token of love the mother-to-be is also showered with gifts. So, choosing the right gift for the new mother is very important while going to a baby shower party.

You can gift the mother- to- be with all the baby essentials which she needs from the very first day she gets her child in her arms. Baby essentials include the most important thing that is the diapers. So a diaper bag with some diapers inside it, some wipes, a cute little dress, a bottle of ready-to-feed formula and some toys will do wonders on the child.

Baby sling or carrier is also one of the best gifts ever to gift to the new parent-to-be. It is one of the easiest ways to tote a baby around. Babies love the feeling of being snuggled up close to mom and dad. It is also very useful for the parents to do their household errands while their baby sits safely and comfortably in the makeshift pouch.

A bath tub with all the bathing essentials which is needed to keep the baby clean and fresh is also a very good idea to gift to the new mother. It may include a mild baby shampoo, a mild soap that will not irritate the newborn’s sensitive skin and should not also irritate the eyes, a soft wash cloth and a hooded towel. A bright yellow rubber ducky can also be added to it to bring the little one in the bathing mood. With these a baby comb and a baby brush can also be added to make the gift a complete set of bathing essentials.

A little baby cot can also be a very nice and thoughtful gift. Add to the little cot, some soft blankets and soft bedding. The little one will love it when a small jingling toy is attached to his cot. It will jingle whenever the baby moves and it will make the little one wonder wherefrom the sound is coming. He will start rolling his eyes here and there and it is a pleasure to watch him in such a playful mood.

A fruit juice maker can be a very thoughtful gift to the new mother-to-be. It will be useful for both the mother and the baby. Fruit juice is a very healthy drink and the doctor’s advice to give the little ones fresh fruit juice.

Similarly a thermos flask is also a very nice and useful gift. Babies need hot water every now and then. So if the flask filled with hot water is kept handy then the new mother is much relieved from going to the kitchen every time.

A set of baby wraps and baby bibs make a very useful gift for the newborn. It relieves the mothers from wiping their babies every now and then which may cause rashes in his skin. But it is also very important to keep the babies clean and dry every time.

A cute photo frame can be a useful gift. Parents can keep those special moments of their lives framed in that photo. Photos taken with the baby in arms and in different moods can be kept alive by stacking the photos in that photo frame. It will remain forever as beautiful memories never to be forgotten.

Alphabets and block games is a very good idea to give as gifts. Though it will not be of immediate use but as the kid grows he will need it. He will learn to identify alphabets and learning will be fun for him. If learning becomes boring, kids tend to lose concentration which may be a very serious issue as the kid grows up. So this can be a very good gift.

With celebrations all around, and lots of gifts, Baby Shower becomes a grand celebration for the family and for the new parents-to-be. Elders shower their blessings and friends wish them good luck for the coming future.