Fun World Green Sweet Pea Pod Bunting Baby Costumes for Halloween (Y1Bc 9696)

    The sweet pea bunting costume is made of polyester and perfect for infants 1-9 months old. There are two pieces to this costume, the bunting outfit and green cap. The bunting looks like felt in a green with a lighter green down the middle with three darker green felt like pom poms representing peas in the middle. The light green goes to the neck but is about an inch from the bottom of the bunting and as wide as 4.5 inches.  The back of the bunting is solid green. The long sleeve bunting has elastic at the wrist and Velcro at the bottom of the bunting. The back of the neck has about a 5 inch opening that has ties to close the neck. The cap looks like felt in a green with a loop on top to look like a stem with two green leaves in the green and lighter green shade attached to the stem. The cap ties under the chin to hold it on your baby's head. Hand wash in cold water, dry lying flat. Not Intended for use as Sleepware. Learn More
Minimal Price: $27.48