Child Captain Hook Costume - Kids Peter Pan Halloween Costumes

    Chase down Peter Pan in Neverland in this Child Captain Hook Costume! The ensemble includes jacket, cropped pants and dickey. Add a pirate hook, hat, boots or boot tops, white knee-high socks, and a weapon and spyglass. Smee awaits your orders! Learn More

    Child Cowardly Lion Costume - Kids Cowardly Lion Halloween Costumes

    Is your little one a scardy cat? Then more than likely they feel just like the Cowardly Lion. He is afraid of everything, including his very own shadow. It wasn't until he met up with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man did this little kitty finally get up the nerve to be brave. He help take on a wicked witch, which isn't an easy task when anything that goes bump in the night makes you jump. Now you can give you kid a chance to be the bravest jungle cat in all of Oz with this awesome costume! Learn More

    Child Deluxe Sith Robe - Star Wars Kids Halloween Costumes

    Being good is overrated! The darkside is where it's at! If you ask any Sith Lord about their time learning all the evil things that they've learned they'll tell you that it is a blast. Also the lightsaber you get will have a stylish red blade, which everyone knows is way cooler than blue or green. So now you can let your kid become just like Darth Vader and Darth Maul with this Star Wars robe. It's perfect to enjoy some darkside cookies in. Learn More

    Child Deluxe Superman Costume - Kids Superman Halloween Costumes

    The last son of Kyrpton land on Earth in a rocket shot from his home world that was about to be destroyed. His name was Kal-El but his adoptive parents, Jon and Martha Kent, renamed him Clark and raised him as their own child. Young Clark Kent grew up in Smallville not knowing of his secret past. But the older he got the more powerful he became. Eventually this mild manner man would take on the title Superman and make it his business to save Metropolis and the world! Now your little one can look just like the man of steel in this great costume! Learn More

    Child Glamour Witch Costume - Kids Witch Halloween Costumes

    Show everyone the Wicked Witch has glamour in this Child Glamour Witch Costume! When you add our girls' wicked witch shoes, a witch broomstick and a cauldron bag, she'll be all set for Halloween magic. Learn More

    Child Hercules Costume - Kids Roman Warrior Costumes

    Get the strength of the gods in this Child Hercules Costume. Add Roman-style sandals, a sword and shield, and perhaps a helmet, and you'll be ready to perform great feats of strength and daring! Learn More

    Child Monkey Costume - Monkey Costumes for Kids

    This Child Monkey Costume is great for jumping on mom's bed! Have all your friends dress up as monkeys and set the other animals free from the zoo! Learn More

    Child Smurfette Costume - Kids Smurfs Halloween Costumes

    Complete your Smurf group with this child Smurfette costume! The cute costume includes a matching blue shirt and pants made from polyester. The shirt velcros in the back for closure and has an attached white dress. The dress features a scalloped bottom hemline and grey screenprinted accents shaped like water drops (please note the accents vary slightly from the picture) . The pants have an elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit. The costume is complete with a white hat made from foam to maintain its shape. Have a Smurfy Halloween in this cute costume! Learn More

    Child Springtime Fairy Costume - Pink Fairy Toddler Costumes

    Do you know what is responsible for spring coming? It is the world of tiny little fairies who work as hard as they can to make sure the snow completely disappears. After that is done they go around waking up each and every flower so that they can bloom. Now your little girl can join those cute pixies in this adorable fairy costume. Learn More

    Child Tin Man Costume - Kids Deluxe Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costumes

    Poor Tin Man. All this metal man wanted was a heart but the mechanic that built him forgot to instal one before he was done. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, he got stuck in the forest with no one around to oil him. For what seemed like forever this shiny statue stood there waiting and waiting for someone to pick up that oil can. Then came Dorothy and the Scarecrow who gladly gave him what he need to dance about. With the hopes that the great and powerful Wizard of Oz could grant him his wish of heart he joined the group on their trip down the Yellow Brick road! Learn More

    Deluxe Abby Cadabby Costume - Toddler Muppet Costumes

    Become Sesame Street's cute little muppet who wishes to become the number one fairy in town with this bright Deluxe Abby Cadabby Costume. This costume comes with a wand, headband, detachable wings, and a dress. The 100% polyester sleeveless dress is a pretty robin's egg blue and features Abby Cadabby's face on the chest surrounded by a velvety material. Under Abby Cadaby's smiling face, it says ABBY CADABBY in hot pink glittery letters. Blue and Violet chiffon strips lay over the dress and are covered in silver glitter. There are chiffon ruffles around the collar. There are two velcro tabs in the back of the dress where the wings attach. The pink, plush glittery wings have purple detailing inside of the wings. The included headband has felt daisy flowers attached to the hot pink and purple strings that are fastened in a way to look like Abby's pigtails. The wand is made from plastic with bright pink, blue, purple, and gold, ribbons attached to it. Cast a magical spell over your neighborhood in this cute Deluxe Abby Cadabby Costume. Learn More

    Deluxe Child Diego Costume - Toddler Diego Halloween Costumes

    Does your little one love animals? Then they'll love pretending to be Diego Marquez. This young guy spends his time going around from place to place saving an animal he sees that may be in trouble. Now your little one can pretend to be the great friend to creatures and critters in this Diego costume. Learn More

    Deluxe Child Smurf Costume - Kids Halloween Smurf Costumes

    Have a smurfy Halloween in this deluxe Smurf costume for kids! The licensed costume includes a fleece jumpsuit that velcros in the back for closure and is made from polyester. It features a blue, long-sleeved top and white pants with an attached blue tail and shoe covers. The white shoe covers are made from foam to maintain their shape and are secured over your shoes with velcro. The costume also includes a white, pointy hat made from foam and blue gloves with elastic in the wrist. Complete your look with our blue makeup for a smurf-tastic costume! Learn More

    Deluxe Toddler Elvis Costume - Child Elvis Presley Costumes for Kids

    He may be years away from his American Idol debut, but that doesn't mean your toddler can't start his rock star training. If you want him to learn from the best, there can be no better choice than Elvis Presley. This deluxe Elvis costume includes everything he needs to learn the ropes of being a famous rock and roll legend. Learn More

    Girls Frilly Elmo Costume - Toddler and Infant Sesame Street Costumes

    Your girl will be a cute little red monster this Halloween with this Girls Frilly Elmo Costume! Combine this with any of our other girls' Sesame Street costumes for a cute group costume theme. Learn More

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    Girls Fuzzy Wuzzy Monster Costume - Kids Monster Costumes

    This one-piece Girls Fuzzy Wuzzy Monster Costume is sassy lime green and purple shimmery polyester knit with an attached fuchsia faux fur monster hood. It's styled to look like a jumper over a blouse. The blouse portion is lime green with a scoop neckline and short puffy sleeves with elastic cuffs and jagged edges. The purple bodice has attached shoulder straps secured with decorative bright pink buttons. There are three diagonal strips of plush green faux suede appliqueed on it. The gathered skirt is tiered; the longer underlayer is purple, the outer layer is lime green. Both have jagged edges. The monster hood is sewn to the back neckline of the dress. It has lime green and purple horns, large googly eyes and white felt teeth. It is lined with pink poly knit. Finish it off with purple fishnet tights for a complete look. Have fun with it! Learn More

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    Girls Leopard Hoodie Costume - Animals Costumes, Kids Costumes

    Your little girl will feel like the coolest cat on the planet when she wears this leopard hoodie costume. This is perfect for your fashion and animal loving girl with a black and leopard printed dress along with a cat eared hoodie. She'll have a blast in this great kitty costume. Learn More

    Infant State Trooper Costume - Baby Police Costumes

    You better watch your speed when you're around this little trooper. Give your child a chance to become one the highway's finest in this great State Trooper costume. He'll be ready to bust any one who speeds by him this Halloween. Be sure to check out our great cop accessories to complete his police officer costume this holiday. Learn More

    Kids Classic Storm Shadow Costume - Kids G.I. Joe Costumes

    Get a classic G.I. Joe look for your child with this Storm Shadow costume. He and Snake Eyes can settle the score once and for all! Add Storm Shadow's iconic sword to complete the costume! Learn More

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    Kids Crayon Box Costume - Crayola Crayon Costumes for Children

    Does your little one love to spend his or her day coloring in coloring books? Then they'll love dressing up in this great crayon box costume. This is a perfect costume for those kids who just can't pick their favorite color! Learn More
Minimal Price: $7.99