MUK LUKS Kids Microfiber Tights - 3 Pair Pack

    Who knew your kid's fun side was also their stylish side - the MUK LUKS Kids Microfiber Tights - 3 Pair Pack makes it obvious. Awwww evoking Microfiber Tights for all the little ones in your life. Made of a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex; these tights are designed to be durable yet soft; protecting would be bare legs from cold winds in style. The vivid patterns explode with color and can transform even the most mundane and vanilla outfit into something adorable. About Reliable of Milwaukee With a commitment to offering top quality products at extremely competitive prices, and on-time delivery, Reliable of Milwaukee has been flourishing in this ever-changing economy since 1911. They have become world-wide in sourcing and manufacturing, while maintaining a constant work force of over 100 employees in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Continued growth and expansion of products has this family-owned company excited about their future and what they, as the fifth generation, can do for their customer. Reliable of Milwaukee has over 200 sales representatives worldwide, a national sales office in New York City, and their main headquarters in Milwaukee. Learn More
Minimal Price: $27.99