Baby Blue Tuxedo Shoes

    We really don't want to live in a world where you can't put on a set of baby blue tuxedo shoes and walk down the street. That's why we've made it our goal to offer these ones up to anyone who's ever had a dream of wearing blue shoes. Learn More

    Infant Boots Costume

    It's time to help out Dora with her exploring! Boots has always been there to give Dora a helping hand in her adventuring and helping her spot important clues. But along the way Swiper gives these two trouble by stealing things. This doesn't stop Dora and Boots from getting to where they need to go. We did it! Learn More

    Kids Astronaut Boots

    Walk, jump or fly to the moon in a pair of Kids Astronaut Boots. They'll make your little space explorer fee like an authentic cosmonaut! We have some fantastic accessories for all your space exploration needs. Learn More

    Kids Clear Shoes

    What will Cinderella wear to the ball? How can Glinda hope to compete with Dorothy in terms of sensational footwear? With a pair of kids clear shoes, you child can complete her costume right and enjoy her time as a fairy tale character. Learn More

    Kids Ruby Slippers Red Shoes

    The only way to get home from Oz is to click your heels together three times and chant a certain phrase. Of course, it only works if your name is Dorothy and you happen to be wearing a pair of ruby red slippers, but when your little girl wears these bright red shoes, you won't have to worry. Even if clicking her heels together doesn't get her home, spotting a pair of shoes like these is pretty easy. Learn More

    Kids Saddle Shoes

    Her poodle skirt costume is going to take center stage when everyone sees her wearing this pair of adorable kids saddle shoes! They are just the right accessory for her 1950s look! Learn More

    Kids Superhero Boots

    Come on, every kid loves a pair of shiny new boots! After all, his job is to save the world. It's your job is to make sure he looks great! Learn More

    Toddler White Gogo Boots

    It's never too soon to learn the art of Gogo dancing. There are so many dances that need to be learned: the hustle, the YMCA, the bus stop, and of course everyone's favorite, the chicken dance! Help your tyke get a 'step' up on the competition by learning all the famous 70's dances at an early age. Your little one will love practicing all the classic moves in these Toddler White Gogo Boots. Plus, you'll love seeing her bust a move in a pair of platform vintage shoes. Learn More
Minimal Price: $16.99