CX1 Ski Boots Kids

    CX1 Ski Boots Kids. Cabrio Design Architecture enhancing engagement of the leg into the boot and comfort. Flex indexed for lightweight skiers. Supercomfort junior liner. Polycarbonate buckles. Learn More

    CX3 Junior Ski Boots

    Cabrio design for excellent fit and easy on/off convenience. Three buckles with the top a ratchet system the lower two are polycarbonate and macro-adjustable. Sizes 23.0-26.5. Learn More

    CX3 Ski Boots Kids

    CX3 Ski Boots Kids. Cabrio Design Architecture enhancing engagement of the leg into the boot and comfort. Flex indexed for lightweight skiers. Supercomfort junior liner. Dynalink Rearfoot Retention in the CX3. Learn More

    Menace 1-2 Junior Ski Boots

    Flex indexed for lighter skiers the menace will enhance the fit and all day comfort for the new carver. The 2 has two buckles one a ratchet and the other macro-adjustable. The 1 has one ratchet buckle securing the young skier into the boot. Polytec Lite-Transparent. Learn More

    Race 10 Junior Ski Boots

    Race 10 Junior Ski Boots Learn More

    Ranger 10 Junior Ski Boots

    Ranger 10 Junior Ski Boots Learn More

    Rapter 90 HF Junior Race Ski Boots

    Rapter 90 HF Race Boots: New and Improved Raptor Junior boot was developed for serious ski demons! Features an anatomical Sport Frame Footbed and 4 Micro-adjustable ""SPINE-Tech"" Buckles. For aspiring pro racers. Learn More

    Raptor 50 Junior Boots

    The Head Raptor 50 Jr boots are great for youth racers! With a self-shaping footbed and flex adjustment these boots are ready to take on the course! Learn More

    Raptor 70 Junior Ski Boots

    The Head Raptor 70 Jr boots are packed with great features but in a Junior boot! With a flex index of 70 a self-shaping footbed Junior racing flex adjustment and come in White! These boots are built for good skiers on groomed runs! Learn More

    Scorpion 60 Ski Boots Kids

    Scorpion 60 Ski Boots Kids. Performance on the race course or the slopes the Scorpion will sting you with excitement as your precision into each turn is taken to the maximum. Four buckle design with a classic overlap architecture. Lightweight and with a Supercomfort Junior liner. Learn More

    Scorpion Kids Ski Boots

    The Scorpion Kids ski boot is a classic performance 4 buckle overlap boot for advanced to expert kids. Lightweight close fitting design for positive foothold and function. Quick and responsive with versatile fit and performance this is the boot to take you to the next level. Boot technology includes:- Bi-Injected PTL; F-7 Polycarbonate Buckle ? 4 Macroadjustable; Flex Indexed for Lightweight Skiers. Learn More

    Soma RC4 100 Junior Race Ski Boots

    For well advanced young racers who want to develop their performances even further: Relatively forgiving top boot with pro features. FLEX Index 100. Last 98 mm. Boot Liner: FFS Race Fit. Sensitive Toe Box. Pull straps for convenience. Fischer Race Yellow. Racing canting (cuff alignment) Heel and Toe plates. Adjustable spoiler. Velcro power strap. Sizes 22.0- 27.5 Learn More

    Soma RC4 70 Junior Ski Boots

    This new top boot is packed with great race features for the young ripper. Sizes 21.0-26.5 Fischer Race Yellow. Boot Liner: FFS Race Fit. Pull Straps. Heel and Toe plates with high end TPU shell. Flex Index: 70. Last: 99mm. Learn More

    Soma RC4 80 Junior Race Ski Boots

    Adult technology in a junior boot. Dial in the racer with Racing Canting (cuff alignment) and adjustable spoiler. FLEX INDEX 80. Last: 98 mm. Boot liner: FFS Race fit Sensitive Toe Box and Pull Straps. Size range from 22.0 -27.5. Learn More
Minimal Price: $120.00