Georgia Boots Kids Brown G2414 Muddog Pull-On Wellington Leather Boots

    Kids play hard, and they have a seemingly endless supply of energy to get into trouble. They know how to find danger, how to test limits, and the best ways to tempt fate. You can't protect them from everything, but you can keep them safe from some dangers with Georgia Kids Brown G2414 Muddog Pull-On 7 Wellington Leather Boots . Made with all the durable features of Georgia boots, these kids pull-ons keep little feet out of trouble. Now, if only Georgia made full body suits.Full-grain leather was used to create the 7-inch shafts of these Georgia children's boots. Flexible full-grain leather resists tearing and wear, durable material that withstands everything kids will put these Muddog boots through. It was used in these because full-grain leather is also soft and pliant around little feet to keep kids comfortable while wearing these Georgia Wellingtons. That'll make it easier to get them to wear these shoes. The lace-free style gives you less to worry about and less work to do when you're getting them dressed for the day. The bottoms of the kids boots are encased in a tough, black rubber shell. The rubber creates a handsome two-tone design, but that's not why it was used here. Rubber is durable to protect the leather, and resistant to moisture, so when wearing these Georgia boots the feet will stay dry. Finger holes and pull straps make it easy to pull these Wellington boots on or off because easy is just what parents and kids want. Once those little feet are inside, they'll be surrounded by airy mesh lining. The soft material is breathable to provide natural ventilation that keeps feet cooler while wearing these pull-on boots. Cushioning footbeds with pillowtop comfort keep little steps a lot softer. The footbeds absorb shock to prevent pain. Steel shanks prevent another type of pain. They lift and support arches, so muscles don't have to work as hard. Bond welt construction was used to secure the blown rubber outsoles to the design of these Georgia boots. The welted, bonded construction prevents moisture from getting inside. Blown rubber soles are very lightweight and shock-resistant to keep those little steps moving in comfort while wearing these Muddog boots. Keep little feet out of trouble. Keep them comfortable, keep them safe and keep them in these Georgia Kids Brown G2414 Muddog Pull-On 7 Wellington Leather Boots.Manufactured Sizes: Kids 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Learn More

    Hi-Tec Boots Kids 31299 Waterproof Big Fit Tucano Jr Grey Hiking Boots

    You want to protect your kids any way you can, but some things are out of your control. At the very least, you can buy them footwear that's comfortable to wear and will keep their feet warm and dry in cold, wet weather. Protecting their feet with a pair of these Hi-Tec 31299 Kids' Grey Tucano Jr. Waterproof Hiking Boots is a great place to start.Their feet will be dry and comfortable because these Tucano Jr. boots are made with a waterproof suede and mesh upper. Since suede is flexible and soft to the touch, it'll provide a comfortable fit around your child's feet. For additional comfort, the mesh of these Hi-Tec boots allows air to circulate inside the footwear to keep their feet cool as they're playing and running around frantically. In addition to the suede being waterproof, these Tucano Jr. boots feature waterproof bootie construction. The Dri-Tec waterproof membrane will keep their feet dry and comfortable, even when they're jumping in puddles or walking through the snow. Dri-Tec is a waterproof, breathable membrane in a bootie construction. It offers exceptional waterproofing, excellent vapor transmission, and high mechanical-resistance, maximizing performance in the wettest environments. You don't need to worry about the metal hardware getting wet either when your little one is wearing these grey boots. Since it's rustproof, it'll hold up all year-round and still look like new. The molded EVA midsole will keep their feet cushioned whether they're walking or running. Soft and flexible, EVA is a durable plastic foam material made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate resin. This lightweight foam absorbs impact and provides good cushioning to keep feet comfortable and protected all day long with these kids boots. Since kids are always busy climbing, hiking, and exploring their environment, you'll want to make sure they have stable footing. The rugged, MDT rubber outsole on the bottom of these kids hiking boots will help to keep them steady. Rubber is very durable and has superior slip-, puncture- and cut-resistance compared to PVC. It's also resistant to bases, acids, alcohols, and diluted water solutions of most chemicals, so the material won't degrade easily when coming into contact with them. Finally, the multi-directional traction system provides stability and a better grip on all terrains for the kid wearing these Big Fit boots.Saving the best for last, Hi-Tec's waterproof hiking boots feature the Big-Fit system to increase the life-span of the footwear. On average, kids shoes last only 5-6 months. That's why Hi-Tec created the Big-Fit sockliner system. The system features two insoles -- a green contoured insole for comfort and cushioning, plus a volume adjuster. When new, both soles should be kept inside these Hi-Tec boots. As your child's feet grow, you can remove the volume adjuster to increase the footwear by approximately half of a size. This will provide another 3 months of wear.It can be a challenge finding the right footwear for your child Learn More

    Hi-Tec Boots Kids Grey 31334 Waterproof Big Fit Hiking Boots

    A single foot injury can change an entire lifetime. Serious heel damage, for example, could prevent your child from becoming a track star (maybe even a future Olympian) . Start teaching them how to care for themselves now with the right footwear. These Hi-Tec 31334 Grey Nepal Big Fit Waterproof Jr. Hiking Kids Boots are the right footwear. The right waterproof boots will keep little feet safe and protected, and still give them a look they want to wear. That's why this pair is made with colorful orange and purple accents that pop against the grey uppers. Suede leather and breathable mesh were used to make the uppers of these Big Fit boots, by the way. Itas the same materials youad find in adult boots because why should little feet have less? Soft suede is fuzzy and touchable, but it has the flexible strength of natural leather. Mesh releases heat to keep feet cooler and provide ventilation to keep the entire design of these grey boots light and airy. Use the versatile lacing system to customize the fit. A nice, snug fit will keep little feet dry and safe inside these hiking boots. Waterproof booties completely block moisture to protect them from rain and wet weather. Inside, lining works to keep the design dry as well. The moisture-wicking material draws sweat away from skin because little feet tend to work hard at all they do.Soft, padded collars help keep the fit cushioned and comfortable around little feet when they wear these moisture-wicking boots. The Big Fit comfort system keeps little steps cushioned. The sock liners cushion your feet from toe to heel, and they even help little feet stay in these kids boots longer. The Big Fit comfort system can be adjusted to accommodate growing feet. Two layers of cushioning soften steps. Remove one of them, and these boots become half a size bigger. That allows you to get more use out of these boots, and more use is what you need for growing feet.Shock-resistant rubber holds it all together with a sure, springy foundation. The rubber of these Hi-Tec boots keeps little feet bouncy, but it also keeps them safe. The MDT soles are made to give steps gripping traction on any terrain because we all know they're going to be all over the place no matter what you do.These Hi-Tec 31334 Grey Nepal Big Fit Waterproof Jr. Hiking Kids' Boots keep little steps safe and soft , and they'll even grow with them.Manufactured Sizes: 1-7, 10, 11, 12, 13 Learn More

    John Deere Infant Girl's Pink Leather Cowgirl Boots JD1185

    Little girls, like big girls, love to dress up in pretty clothes. They haven't quite developed a sense of style, but all little girls know what they like to wear. . . and rarely is it what Mom wants them to wear. But the John Deere JD1185 Infant Johnny Popper Pink Leather Wellington Boots are stylish enough, and safe enough, for everyone to agree on. Made with long-wearing, flexible leather, these perfect little cowgirl boots have a 6 shaft that's soft pink in color. They'll love the pink design; you'll love the protective, soft strength the leather lends to little feet. Soft nylon insoles cushion their steps, while shock-absorbent rubber soles provide comfortable support. The non-marking rubber sponge soles soften the blow of every step. Because they're secured with cement welt construction, they'll provide a flexible base -- because little feet sure can move. The rounded, closed toe design gives the boots a classic cowgirl look. Western heels complete the sleek profile. John Deere JD1185 Infant Johnny Popper Pink Leather Wellington Boots are pretty enough for little girls, but well-made and soft enough to satisfy Moms (bigger girls) . For the little boy in the family, get the green John Deere JD1186 Infants' Leather Cowboy Boots. Sizes Manufactured: Medium 4 -8 Learn More

    John Deere Infant Girls' Pink Wellington Boots JD0171

    If you teach them right from the beginning, they'll grow up to appreciate quality and comfort. Sheas still sleeping in a crib with a nightlight but you might as well get started now with a pair of John Deere JD0171 Infant Girls Pink Ostrich Print Wellington Boots. These Girlas Boots look just like her older sisteras but are designed for an infant with a TPR Grip padded outsole. The Velcro back closure makes them easy to put on and take off even for a Grandpa who is all thumbs. Inside the Boots are lined with a soft moisture-wicking lining that is John Deere Green. The Boots have a white leather shaft with pink pull-on loops and a pink design stitched on the side of the shaft. There is a pink and green John Deere logo on the front of the shaft. The foot is a pink leather ostrich print. Come-on, you know you want to see her toddling around in them. A click of your mouse is all it takes to add a pair of John Deere JD0171 Infant Girls Pink Ostrich Print Wellington Boots to your cart. Weall do the rest and be sure to take a picture. Your little darling will look so cute.Sizes Manufactured: 0-4 (infant sizes) Size 0 = 0 - 6 WeeksSize 1 = 6 Weeks - 3 MonthsSize 2 = 3 Months - 6 MonthsSize 3 = 6 Months - 9 MonthsSize 4 = 9 Months - 12 Months Learn More

    John Deere Johnny Popp Leather Camo Kids Boots JD2188

    Little boys often think they're bigger than they are. Always in a hurry to become men, they want clothes and shoes that look just like the ones big boys wear. That's why the John Deere JD2188 Johnny Popper Leather Camo Kids Boots have an adult style, but plenty of protective, kid-friendly comfort too.Handsome leather and camouflage combine to create an outdoorsy look that mimics styles you'll see on popular hunting boots. The wide boot opening is large enough for little feet to easily slip inside. Moisture-wicking lining gently takes care of wetness to leave skin cooler, dryer and healthier.Soft, cushioned insoles help absorb impact and keep steps easy. Tough Goodyear welt construction creates a durable, highly flexible bond between the leather and the sole. The soles are non-marking, so steps won't leave anything behind.John Deere JD2188 Johnny Popper Leather Camo Kids Boots look like they're made for big feet, but they have just the right amount of comfort and support for all those small steps.Manufactured Sizes: 8.5-3 Learn More

    John Deere Johnny Popper Toddler Cowboy Boots JD1188

    There's nothing cuter than a tyke in kickers. If you want guaranteed ooohs and aaahs, you'll want to snare a pair of John Deere JD1188 Infant/Toddler Johnny Popper Tan Camo Wellington Boots for your little one. Not only are they adorable, they're made by John Deere, so you know the quality's there, too.They come with many of the same features of a grown-up version, like cement construction for durability and stitched down cushioned insoles for comfort. The Mossy Oak nylon shafts are lightweight and flexible. The tan Crazy Horse leather foot on each boot is durable, yet soft. And rest assured that the non-marking crepe rubber outsoles won't scuff up the floors when the kids are running around Grandma's kitchen.So let them play in the dirt and run all over the yard. John Deere JD1188 Infant/Toddler Johnny Popper Tan Camo Wellington Boots can take it, and they'll look great, to boot. Sizes Manufactured: 4 - 8 Learn More
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